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Transcription Factors • Alveolata
Annotations/GenomesOxytri1Partet1Plafal1Symmic1Tetthe1Toxgon1TotalAnnotation Description
Transcription Factors
38121148174Zinc finger, C2H2 type
15446166bZIP transcription factor
3513713236205Myb-like DNA-binding domain
3519SRF-type transcription factor (DNA-binding and dimerisation domain)
11GATA zinc finger
24322215Transcription factor TFIID (or TATA-binding protein, TBP)
782392HSF-type DNA-binding
32243712482HMG (high mobility group) box
910415130Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone
3328PAS fold
1211117G10 protein
121217ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domain
11NF-X1 type zinc finger
11TFIIE alpha subunit
2114CCAAT-binding transcription factor (CBF-B/NF-YA) subunit B
41218AT hook motif
112Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit, helical domain
1022739E2F/DP family winged-helix DNA-binding domain
112Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit
123DDT domain
629174249MIZ/SP-RING zinc finger
541111C5HC2 zinc finger
33FAR1 DNA-binding domain
1212118SART-1 family
1111116PHF5-like protein
112Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit A
1111116Transcription factor Tfb2
3413213CBF/Mak21 family
1221118CCR4-Not complex component, Not1
11Fungal specific transcription factor domain
34222215NOT2 / NOT3 / NOT5 family
2529SNF5 / SMARCB1 / INI1
1212118Transcriptional repressor TCF25
111115RNA pol II accessory factor, Cdc73 family, C-terminal
1111116YL1 nuclear protein
11SGT1 protein
16310Basic region leucine zipper
121116Brf1-like TBP-binding domain
121116TFIIH C1-like domain
1111116Apoptosis-antagonizing transcription factor, C-terminal
15118Sin3 family co-repressor
112Multiprotein bridging factor 1