Transcription Factors • Zygnemophyceae
Annotations/GenomesMesen1TotalAnnotation Description
Transcription Factors
77Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
5050Response regulator receiver domain
66Zinc finger, C2H2 type
77Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
1111bZIP transcription factor
3131SNF2 family N-terminal domain
2828Myb-like DNA-binding domain
11'Cold-shock' DNA-binding domain
22GATA zinc finger
11Transcription factor TFIID (or TATA-binding protein, TBP)
99WW domain
11HSF-type DNA-binding
1010FHA domain
77HMG (high mobility group) box
77Zinc finger, ZZ type
1414Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family
2424Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type (and similar)
55B-box zinc finger
99BTB/POZ domain
55Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone
1717AP2 domain
2323SET domain
77PAS fold
11G10 protein
22Tub family
33ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domain
11NF-X1 type zinc finger
1212MYND finger
11TFIIE alpha subunit
77RWP-RK domain
11CCAAT-binding transcription factor (CBF-B/NF-YA) subunit B
11TAZ zinc finger
11AT hook motif
55SWIB/MDM2 domain
11Transcriptional Coactivator p15 (PC4)
11Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit, helical domain
22E2F/DP family winged-helix DNA-binding domain
55B3 DNA binding domain
55No apical meristem (NAM) protein
44JmjC domain, hydroxylase
11Paired amphipathic helix repeat
11Dof domain, zinc finger
11Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit
33DDT domain
66MIZ/SP-RING zinc finger
33C5HC2 zinc finger
1111WRKY DNA -binding domain
33SBP domain
44Lateral organ boundaries (LOB) domain
22SART-1 family
99GRAS domain family
11TCP family transcription factor
22Tesmin/TSO1-like CXC domain, cysteine-rich domain
11PHF5-like protein
22Transcription factor Tfb2
44BSD domain
33CBF/Mak21 family
11CCR4-Not complex component, Not1
22Cell differentiation family, Rcd1-like
22NOT2 / NOT3 / NOT5 family
11Sigma-70 region 3
33Sigma-70 region 2
33Sigma-70, region 4
11PLATZ transcription factor
11DNA binding protein S1FA
11YABBY protein
11ZF-HD protein dimerisation region
11Ethylene insensitive 3
11Transcriptional repressor TCF25
11Domain of unknown function (DUF702)
11RNA pol II accessory factor, Cdc73 family, C-terminal
22BES1/BZR1 plant transcription factor, N-terminal
11YL1 nuclear protein
33Homeobox KN domain
11MED7 protein
88CCT motif
11LSD1 zinc finger
11SGT1 protein
11Brf1-like TBP-binding domain
11TFIIH C1-like domain
11Sin3 family co-repressor
11Multiprotein bridging factor 1
11Whirly transcription factor
33TFIIS helical bundle-like domain
11Transcription factor DP
11pre-mRNA splicing factor component
11Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
11Transcriptional activator of glycolytic enzymes
55Zinc-finger of C2H2 type
11Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
22Concanavalin A-like lectin/glucanases superfamily
22RING-type zinc-finger
11Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
3030Ring finger domain
66PHD-like zinc-binding domain
33PHD-zinc-finger like domain
77Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain
22C2H2-type zinc finger
22C2H2-type zinc finger
2323Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
66Myb-like DNA-binding domain
44Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
11MYB-CC type transfactor, LHEQLE motif
11zinc-RING finger domain