Due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, JGI will not be accepting or processing any samples because of reduced onsite staffing until further notice.

Site Credits

We are grateful for the evaluation and suggestions provided for this version of the JGI Genome Portal to the following users:
  • Yu-Wei Wu
  • Paulo Zaini
  • Robert Bruccoleri
  • Catherine Sirven

The Genome Portal uses data manually curated by Genomes OnLine Database (GOLD). We acknowledge the hard work that goes into that effort.

Dusheyko, Sergey : system architecture, development

Poliakov, Alexandre: software architecture, development

Smirnova, Tatyana: JGI Genome Portal lead, web development and user interface design

Grigoriev, Igor: MycoCosm lead, data analysis

Shabalov, Igor: MycoCosm project lead, software architecture, development

Alexandrov, Oleg: software development, test automation

Cantor, Michael N: software architecture, development

Korzeniewski, Frank: software architecture, development

Lukashin, Igor: software architecture, development

Nikitin, Roman: software architecture, development

Taylor, Kristen: testing

Voloshin, Arkady: content implementation

People who contributed to the development of the JGI Genome Portal in the past

  • Andersen, Evan
  • Dubchak, Inna
  • Hornick, Leila
  • Hua, Susan
  • Hugenholtz, Phil
  • Minovitsky, Simon
  • Nordberg, Henrik
  • Otillar, Robert
  • Peters, Lin
  • Ratnere, Igor
  • Rohde, Manfred
  • Salamov, Asaf

Our special thank you for the valuable feedback goes to:

Christa Pennacchio, Inna Dubchak, Andrea Aerts, Matt Blow, David Gilbert, David Goodstein, Anthony Kosky, Alan Kuo, Rachel Mackelprang, Joel Martin, Robert Otillar, Len Pennacchio, Dan Rokhsar, Wendy Schackwitz, Astrid Terry, Susannah Tringe, Axel Visel, Randy Berka (Novozymes), Scott Dawson (UC Davis), Thomas Jeffries (UCSD), Francis MARTIN (UMR INRA-UHP), Chung-Jui Tsai (MTU), Jerry Tuskan (ORNL), Olivier Vallon (Institut de biologie physico-chimique), Susan Yong (UCB)