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"Meltwater MOSAiC" by Evgenii Salganik. Research vessel Polarstern in the background, foreground shows equipment on sea ice and meltwater.
"Meltwater MOSAiC" by Evgenii Salganik, RV Polarstern in the background.

Bacillariophyceae sp. MOSAICH1_1 is a metagenome-assembled-genome, co-assembled from samples from the HAVOC project's contribution to the MOSAiC science expedition (2019-2020). HAVOC (Ridges - Safe HAVens for ice-accociated flaura and fauna in a seasonally ice-covered Arctic OCean) collected samples from ice ridges and sediment traps during the MOSAiC expedition.

MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary Observatory for Study of the Arctic Climate) was a year-long drifting expedition, and metagenomes collected during the drift were sequenced at the JGI under proposal id 505419, of which the HAVOC samples are a subset.


If you would like to publish research using this genome, please contact Dr. Thomas Mock ([email protected]) and Dr. Igor Grigoriev ([email protected]) for permission.