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Micrograph of Nannochloropsis oceanica C018.
Micrograph of Nannochloropsis oceanica C018. Image credit: Zackary Johnson.

Nannochloropsis oceanica C018 genome and transcriptome sequences were not determined by the Joint Genome Institute (JGI), but were provided by Adrian Graf and Zackary Johnson at Duke University. The genome assembly was then annotated using the JGI annotation pipeline.

Nannochloropsis oceanica (C018) is one of several species of the eustigmatophyte genus Nannochloropsis, and this strain was isolated from Hawaii. This genus of microalgae is used in the commercial production of omega-3 rich oil for nutraceuticals, and more broadly, it is considered a top taxon for the sustainable production of feedstocks for a variety of bioproducts. C018 is a benchmark marine microalgal strain that has been used extensively in a variety of industrially relevant cultivation systems testing the production of feedstock for biofuels and its co-products.