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Podospora fimiseda
Podospora fimiseda. Photo credit: Philippe Silar

Podospora fimiseda CBS 990.96 Minimal Draft

Podospora fimiseda is a coprophilous fungus belonging to Sordariales. Podospora fimiseda is thought to be distributed worldwide, with records from both temperate and tropical regions. It can be isolated from a variety of dung substrates, with preference for cattle and horse (2). Strain CBS 990.96 was isolated from horse dung at Cape Foulwind, New Zealand. The nomenclature surrounding the name P. fimiseda has a complicated history. Originally described as Podospora fimicola, Podospora was transferred to Sordaria and P. fimicola was re-named Sordaria fimiseda to avoid conflict with Sordaria fimicola. When Podospora was re-erected as a valid genus, P. fimiseda was finally established (see (1) for a more detailed history of P. fimiseda nomenclature). Podospora fimiseda is the current type of the genus Podospora and its family Podosporaceae, but recent works are proposing Podospora anserina as the new, conserved type for the genus (2,3). This change is supported by the confusion associated with the difficult nomenclature surrounding the name P. fimiseda, still affecting recent publications ((4) and (5) still used P. fimicola), and the importance of P. anserina as a fungal model for molecular biology and genetics (6).

Genome Reference(s)


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