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Scheffersomyces stipitis NRRL Y-7124. Image by David Krause.
Scheffersomyces stipitis NRRL Y-7124. Image by David Krause.

Scheffersomyces stipitis is a species of budding yeast that is capable of fermenting xylose into ethanol (1). This metabolic ability is desirable for biofuel production, since xylose is a common sugar in lignocellulose, and very few yeast species are capable of fermenting xylose. Although it was long-referred to as Pichia stipitis, the species was reclassified as an original founding member of the genus Scheffersomyces (2). This strain has been compared with another previously sequenced strain for its ability to ferment xylose, with minimal performance differences found between the strains (3). More information about Scheffersomyces (formerly Pichia) stipitis can be found here.

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